Bell's of Peace Ceremony Nov. 11, 2018 at 4:28pm

This was our November 11, 2018 Armistice "Bells of Peace" ceremony at the branch, the photos are court-icy of our very own Abbey Dozois, the day was cold but clear.
All those in attendance liked and appreciated the day.
Discussions regarding how we can mark and honour 
the day, the ceremony and to honour the memory of 
Nov 11 (1918) 2018, and it was suggested to 
decommission the bar bell that was used, have it
engraved and put in a place of honour for all time.
Bell was rung by the following in honour:
Ron Lucas, his grandfather, James Lucas, who's name is engraved at Vimy, and who was killed in action at Hill 70 Aug 15, 1917
Albert “Abbey” Dozois his uncles Tom Ballard, John McDowell & Albert Porter all of the 73rd Battlion of the Royal Highland Regiment of Canada, the Black Watch
Ray Cormie grandfather Charles Edward Cormie, one of the fortunate ones who returned from WW1
Duffy Dufour father Regis Dufour
Steve Latraille for his family of veterans father Bob and brother Robert as well for the men and women he and his family served with, and all of those veterans from all conflicts our forces have been in. 
Andrew “Andy” Baddeley for his comrades, and the 6 Victoria Cross members of Royal Highland Regiment of Canada
Sue Young for her grandfather John 'Jack' Young
Barry Ralph his grandfather George Ralph
Doug Morton for his father Thomas Morton