Grace (Morris, Muncey) Harden

HARDEN, Grace Isobel (Reid) passed away peacefully, Tuesday October 6, 2015, Grace Isobel Reid Harden left the world she loved, and is travelling to an even better place. She will be enduringly loved by her sons Reid and Grant, adoring husband Harold (Harden), brother Alfred (Gail), as well as cherished family members and friends from BC, Montreal, Toronto, St-Sauveur and beyond. Having survived husbands Richard (Morris) and Claude (Muncey), Grace, born in 1931, was a vivacious Verdun girl, known for her fun and shining presence, a tenacious and loyal friend to so many. Her long-standing association with The Royal Canadian Legion was a proud and satisfying experience throughout her life, as was raising her family.
It is now time to rest and see those that have passed on before, and have a spiritual hand in those you leave behind, rest in peace.