President's Message

We at Branch 212 in Lasalle, welcome and honor all those who have and are serving in the Military, RCMP, Police, Coast Guard and all emergency personnel, we are here to help and assist those in need, to pay hommage to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of country, both abroad and locally, because we do not forget what they have sacrificed to give us all the freedoms we enjoy and are envied globally for.
Non of what we do here at Branch 212 can be done without the volunteers who come out to help run and organize different activies in and around the branch, so I ask you, can you PLEASE call the branch and volunteer your time and or skills to keep our branch open and vibrant, we can use your time (no matter how long or short that time might be) and skills that you possess, that you might not evan know about, so please call now at (514) 365-0595 to volunteer.
Your President
Ray Cormie